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Post Pink - I Believe You, OK CS (SPR-015)

by Post Pink

$5.00 / Sold Out

Skip school with Post Pink. Shoplift some colorful plastic junk; detritus of western capitalism pedaled by a bigoted multinational corporate franchise. Grab all the free samples. Ride the display bikes around wal-mart until you get kicked out or have to run away. Post Pink is bad, but only in the best way. Their songs sound like the older kids in high school teaching you how to look cool when you spit, wear cat eyeliner, and make out. This Baltimore quartet is Sam Whitelaw of Crimson Wave, David Van McAleer, and both Angie Swiecicki and Emily Ferrara of Big Mouth. Post Pink is the Ferris Bueller to your Cameron Frye. Sounds like crashing some rich jerk's convertible and actually getting away with it. "I Believe You, OK" is the band's over-before-you-know-it 8 song Sister Polygon Records debut.