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Pearie Sol - Pearie Sol (SPR-018)

by Pearie Sol


Pearie Sol (Gauche, Teen Liver) plays three machines. As the divided mirror faced portrait suggests, the man behind the curtain is the Dr. Jekyll to Pearie Sol's sensationally half-crazed Mr. Hyde. He recorded this self-titled solo debut in a single session with Gauche bandmate Jason Sauvage. It's a tape meant to be heard the way it was recorded: straight through. A one man gate-crashing organ grind, Pearie Sol animatedly yelps his way through tales of gleeful arson ("Fire"), dancing towards imminent mutilation ("Castration Line"), and a preference for the darker, dirtier side of life ("Alley"). The former music teacher's skillful precision over the keys is made into a maniacal, musical mantra in which emotional extremities are pancaked under the pulsating snare of a quick beat. Let this Dr. Frankenstein and his monster drive your truck through seedy hysteria, neuroses, "a friend named desire, a friend named shame," and you likely won't be home in time for dinner.