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Dudes - Greatest Hits Cassette (SPR-007)

by Dudes

$3.00 / On Sale

On sale not because quality is lacking, but because this was one of the first cassettes we pressed, and we pressed quite a lot. Like maybe 5 million.

The first and Greatest Hits from Washington DC's Dudes, a trio of epic proportions. This album was recorded in 2013. Bandmates Laurie Spector, Luke Reddick and Francy Graham went on to record music with groups like Hothead, Chain & the Gang, Bless and Saturday Night.

Second pressing of this excellent basement-rockin' cassette features download codes and electric green J-card

1. Can't Stop Thinking About It
2. Sad and Lonely
3. Bad Thing
4. Do You Party?
5. Church Youth Group
6. Spring Break
7. Cat Song
8. Don't Give