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Coup Sauvage and the Snips - Heirs to Nothing cassette (SPR-022)

by Coup Sauvage and the Snips

$5.00 / Sold Out

Coup Sauvage and the Snips aren't trying to make you dance (honestly they didn't even see you there), but you won't be able to help it. Inspired by 60’s Motown, 70’s European variety shows, 80’s Solid Gold dancers, and 90’s warehouse parties, Coup Sauvage and the Snips recall an era when artists gave you a true performance. DJ Maegan Sauvage, keyboardist Jason Sauvage and bassist Elizabeth Sauvage lay down four-on-the-floor beats, vintage synths, and killer basslines. Meanwhile Kristina Sauvage and the Snips - Crystal Sauvage and Rain Sauvage - unleash a savage blow of girl group harmonies, choreographed moves, and radical fierceness. Their infectious harmonies and irresistable rhythms will have you singing along – even though the song is probably about you. Coup Sauvage & the Snips play music that is celebratory and revelatory.

Accusatory and against authority. Confrontational and informational. A soundtrack for the children to watch the first-world burn. Ready? Doesn't matter.

SPR is truly honored to bring you the debut album from the House of Sauvage. Twelve tracks of non-stop fierceness all contained in one small box of plastic and magnetic tape (download code included). Lord knows the world needs these songs now more than ever. They are:

Party Rap
Whim Whams
Freak of the Week
Disco Friends
Driftin' & Griftin'
Tens Across the Board
Cute 2 Shoot
Designer Imposters
Heir to Nothing

And remember: looking fabulous and dancing are often your best weapons.

Love, CSTS & SPR