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Snail Mail - Habit EP (SPR-017)

by Snail Mail

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repress coming soon! check back in march :-)

Coulda sworn you heard this one on the radio, right? Deja vu, a dream, or another life? When you lived deep in the suburbs smack dab in the middle of Maryland. At least that's where Snail Mail comes from (Ellicott City, to be exact) and the songs on the band's debut EP Habit were written on guitar by Lindsey Jordan in her bedroom after school, or over summer vacation, or when she wasn't driving down to DC for show. Lindsey met Shawn Durham at the 9:30 Club a few summers ago, and the girls quickly formed a band where Shawn could keep time with Lindsey's dark and wandering melodies with a rotating cast of bass players. Shawn is back home in St. Louis but Lindsey's first East Coast U.S. tour with Snail Mail begins the day "Habit" is released, July 12. These songs are a bit like sour cherries are to most other fruit: related but different, and certainly not as sweet. Claustrophobic and swirling, "Habit" is about being stuck in one place and sounding like a gathering weather pattern. "It's not something I can run my hands over," Lindsey sings on the EP's title track about a dream so visceral it ends up outside her mind on the physical plane. But the dream doesn't follow laws of gravity, it waits and watches from the ceiling. Habits are choices but they're also tiny clues and like these 6 songs, might follow from where you're least expecting. Sleep or no sleep.

Snail Mail "Habit" EP on cassette
2) Habit
3) Static Buzz
4) Dirt
5) Slug
6) Stick

Guitar/vocals/lyrics: Lindsey Jordan
Drums: Shawn Durham
Bass: Ryan Vieira
Recorded + engineered: Jason Sauvage + G.L. Jaguar